Outsourcing & commodity Trading, international markets


Ventures Adventure offers indenting services to its clients for making raw materials & commodities.



Steel Scrap

Indenters of HMS 1&2 Steel Scrap suppliers for re‑melting rerolling mills for billet manufacturing.  Our sources lies in UAE & Australia.



Himalayan Pink Salt/ Rock Salt

We are export agents to multiple rock salt processors for good quality edible Himalayan Pink Salt to meet requirements of different clients to meet varying standards in demand.

Variety of Bathing Pink Salt is available for bathing, sauna, and pools.

Rock Salt Lamps made from solid rock pieces, in different shapes & sizes.


Castor Seeds

Seasonal supplies of Castor Seeds from Pakistan.

We take forward contracts via advance letter-of-credit for Castor Seeds in order to meet client’s requirements for huge quantities.