Marketing Auditing is a fresh idea in the marketing profession.

Marketing Auditing is so much unknown in the business world that in last one decade of Ventures Adventure operations, we carried out only one such project, but that too proudly for a local manufacturing business!

It would be our pleasure to share & discuss this project with our prospects provided they are definitely willing to benefit from marketing auditing.  This exercise results into improved marketing & sometime even corporate strategies to bring in profitable results to the company.



The business problem that which our client was facing– this consumer product manufacturer used to be Market Leader since 1966, for 18-years, until its competitor arrived in 1984 in Pakistan marketplace who took the lead immediately, the same year.  Hence, for 20-years, from 1984 until 2004, our client stayed as a Follower Company.

Our client in fact hired our services in 1999 to implement Marketing Warfare Strategies to take back the lead; but when initial studies conducted, we suggested broadening up the scope of work to Marketing Auditing.  This new idea finally agreed to exercise by the head‑of‑marketing & the top-management.  Marketing Auditing was conducted for their marketing & corporate policies.  Report & improvement Suggestions finalized late 1999 by the management.  Implementation of new policies & strategies started form early 2000 and our client finally took back its Market Leader position by 2004, in the entire marketplace of Pakistan.